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Monday, June 24, 2013


Clearly we have been busy. Too busy to keep up with a blog .

More has happened than I can remember but an overview from last May to this current June:

We sadly had to say good bye to our beautiful Loki - that was rough - he was only 2 years old, but he had something wrong with his brain. It came on suddenly and we made the decision to let him go.
2 years is a common time for congenital brain defects to show up in dogs. He is sorely missed.

MCH went to Michigan to work on a movie and while he was away I took in a foster GSD, who we named Leroy, and who managed to wiggle into our hearts in the span of 3 days. He was a dump over on Peoria Street, just a block over from our house. Tim came up with the name and he just never left. He is a righteous Coyote chaser and a fierce protector of the house and yard. He also provides Babe a nice respite from Riley. He looks like he might be part Kangaroo :)

Beamer is now Beau. His leg appears to have healed nicely and I can now trail ride him!

We have a new youngster on the ranch - a nice 6 year old gelding Quarterhorse named Catman - he is proving to be a nice little rope horse and he has also gone through Mounted Patrol Training and has been on TV!

My birthday came and went - and when it came it brought 2 Dwarf Nigerian Milking Goats. They are Does and their names are Fiona and Layla. Pictures don't do them justice - they are ridiculous.

I opened my own studio salon with another hairstylist ( who is seriously, tha bomb - ya'll )specializing in Organic color and a low emission environment. We use absolutely no Ammonia, no Formaldehyde, no Lye and no Ammonium Thioglycolate. We are also and art gallery.

We have a Rooster named John Shaft and we are expecting baby birds in about another week or so. The birds have been 100 percent switched over to non GMO feed and I have been approached about selling eggs :) We also got 4 new hens - Heritage French Black Copper Marans - the eggs are out of control and so is John Shaft - Shut Yo Mouth!

Tim has spent the majority of the year in Chicago working on a movie called Divergent which should be out next March. He also did some amazing work on a disaster film called Twista (I think) back in Michigan.

KC came back to us after spending time with some friends who were using her for Mounted Patrol and Rangers. We have decided to keep her home from now on and I'm going to be using her for Mounted Patrol , Sorting and Gymkhana. I might even do a little reining with her since my Sister In Law has gotten into it and I love hanging out with her.

The garden is shaping up - the pallets are impossible - so now they are used as a compost holder. The pallet gardens are only good for about 3 weeks - don't waste your time.My Bamboo wall was a bust - so now I am trying vines and some other things - nothing stinking grows in this yard - the ground is so bad. Slowly, we are amending the soil and turning the yard into something nice.

I also started using Essential Oil therapy on the animals and us humans too. Stay tuned for updates!

Happy Trails!

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