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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

 10 years ago on this date, I was getting ready to leave for work and I walked past the TV set and saw my roommates shocked expression. I looked and sat down hard - it felt like I was watching a Die Hard movie - it was so surreal.
  3 weeks later , I met an Officer who had lost his Canine partner in the first building. His command center was in the basement and his dog was in his kennel when the first plane hit. It's a miracle that this officer made it out alive. He did not have time to go back down to get his dog. When the plane hit - he felt a jolt - but nothing that would alarm him enough to bring his dog with him. He went upstairs and saw the debris falling from inside the lobby. At that point it was too late to go back down - he had to do his duty and get people out of the building to safety. A short while later - he had to leave the building himself.
  I also knew a lot of the Canine SAR teams that went.
 Today I am remembering that dog and that officer - and all of the service personnel who lost their lives saving others. My heart is sad for all of the families who lost their loved ones. My heart is proud of the Americans who did all they could to help.
  The one quote that sticks with me is this :

  "Are you guys ready? Let's roll!" -- Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer, just before he and other passengers attacked the hijackers and saved a hit on the White House, Sept. 11.

 Yeah - AMERICA - that is how we do it 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reason Number 87 : Why I LOVE where I live

Bitches - I ask you - Where else can you be on your way home and be able to stop and try on hooker shoes on the side of the road?

Size 11 Stiletto Drag Shoes just screaming to be wrapped around a pole

Red Velvet - and I do not mean cake

Yellow Disco Feather extravaganza

And the lovely "custom made for some lady up in the hills" sparklefest glam boots

All of this loveliness - 10.00 each - on the side of the road - literally spilling out a U-Haul . Hmmm- shadey? Not shadey? You decide. All I know is not a dime left my wallet - but much entertainment was had . Therefore - my Hood Rocks!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Normal Person Would Have Started Physical Therapy By Now

Yes - truer words have never been spoken. That was said to me on my umpteenth visit to my home away from home : URGENT CARE , where I am on a first name basis with the girls at the front desk.
There is a sign outside that makes me laugh every time I see it - like it is directed at me specifically -

I make sure I only come in right after feeding.

After asking the doctor to define normal, I concurred and was taken straight away to the fabulously friendly Victor to set up all of my appointments.

Victor at Performax Physical Therapy - who is also a great masseuse  

Here is how the leg looked before my team of demons began the process of breaking up the contusion.

That is at 10 weeks. Can you make out the hoof mark?

Here is how it looked after the tiniest demon, Thea, got ahold of me:

Sweet HayZues - I did not sleep until the next session.

So - I have a village of people working on this leg - I have Victor - who makes sure I have enough BioFreeze to get me through the next cold war and books all of my appointments, I have Steve who is responsible for creating the program that sends my fingernails through the cushions, I have Thea  aka Tiny Demon , who has the strongest tiniest fingers in the world and can officially take the title of bringing me past my pain tolerance - which is ridiculously high.

Thea, my tiny demon - who is in fact - just the sweetest thing - which is why it is so surprising she can bring me to my knees!

 I bow to her and respectfully ask for someone else to torture my leg and then there are Jorge and Chad who take turns doing the physical therapy. I feel very special indeed. All I am missing is Rei - who for some reason has not been assigned to me - really I think I need everyone in the building.

Jorge, Steve, Chad and Rei 

Here is what I found out in Physical Therapy : I have a tear in my calf, it was not always there, but by wearing flip flops for the first 10 weeks I tore the muscle above the contusion . Yay me! The one time I felt good enough to ride a horse ? Yeah - I tore it some more. The incessant burning in my leg should have been a clue. Did I mention my ridiculously high pain tolerance?

So - If I'm lucky I might be back on a horse next week - for 10 minute rides. Keep your fingers crossed. One more thing - this place is the best Physical Therapy I have ever gotten. They don't advertise, ya'll. PerformaX Physical Therapy - 818-953-4457 - tell your Doctor you want to go here. I wish I would have known about them when my head met the ground a few years ago.

In other ranch news :

  MCH brought a new horse home yesterday - Beamer.

I spent the first half of today chilling in the ER because I got my hand caught in a dogs mouth whilst breaking up a dog fight. It's not that bad, just have not had a Tetanus shot in about 6 years - and peeps - little known fact - some of the worst Staph infections I have seen are from these little baby bites from dogs that people don't think are a big deal.  My hands are my livelihood.

And then the universe announced all was right with world and put a rainbow over the house. Or maybe Murphy ( as in Murphy's Law) moved down the road and this was the sign

Good times and Happy Trails!!