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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reason Number 87 : Why I LOVE where I live

Bitches - I ask you - Where else can you be on your way home and be able to stop and try on hooker shoes on the side of the road?

Size 11 Stiletto Drag Shoes just screaming to be wrapped around a pole

Red Velvet - and I do not mean cake

Yellow Disco Feather extravaganza

And the lovely "custom made for some lady up in the hills" sparklefest glam boots

All of this loveliness - 10.00 each - on the side of the road - literally spilling out a U-Haul . Hmmm- shadey? Not shadey? You decide. All I know is not a dime left my wallet - but much entertainment was had . Therefore - my Hood Rocks!

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