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Friday, October 28, 2011

WHOOOOO Killed Ben?

The Victim, Ben Doe #45

If you guessed that what is left of Ben Doe #45 is an Owl Pellet - you would be right. Yes - that's right - an Owl Pellet aka Owl Vomit. Appetizing, No?

For months I have been finding these balls of "stuff" in my front yard, but much smaller and darker and not quite so "informative"at first glance. Apparently my Hawks also vomit up these pellets, but thy usually vomit up Pigeons and they always leave me the wings,which is so disconcerting it's fascinating, so its very unclear what a Hawk pellet is when you come upon one.They look more like something a Squirrel would throw at you then a regurgitated rodent, and yes, I consider Pigeons to be rats with wings.

This one was on my car, surrounded by a vast amount of Owl poop. I must be very Lucky indeed. I really should go and buy a Lottery Ticket when these things occur.

So here is the really amazing part - and I'm sad now that I was not aware of it before, because it would make for a great Etsy store. I could have been retired by now. Of course now that I am aware of it - they will vomit elsewhere.

Schools BUY these things!! Learn all about it here . You can also order your very own Owl pellet dissection kit here . I'm happy to send you the next one that lands on my car. Or just Google Owl Vomit and go to town.

Had we dissected the Pellet

Happy Trails!!

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