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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well - 2011 went out with a whimper here at the Flying V . We barely made it past East Coast NYE.
All the better to start 2012 off with a roar.

We had some major happenings here at the ranch today.

Now that the back area with all the horses in it is basically done ( it will never be DONE done) we are starting to focus on the rest of the place. I don't believe that I have ever stated here that our house is a testament to the dangers of using Meth while doing construction. This place is a travesty. Every time we start a project , we unveil absolute madness that is sure to add months and dollars to our original plan.

That being said - MCH tore out the front deck today. The very one I have stepped through on one occasion and tripped on a new loose board on another occasion. Both times I somehow saved myself a faceplant. Just call me grace.

Who said Redwood won't rot


The demolition bandit


In the back I was busy testing  the limits of my newly healed, yet still misshapen and discolored, calf muscle.

I actually had a nice roundpen ride on the Onery Cuss , Poncho. Could have gone any which way, being he has been stuck in his stall and barely ridden for the last 6 months. He was an angel. Figures - when I decide to sell him  - he acts right with me. I have to use him for my FMP Quarterly training because Cisco has been off in the front for the last couple of weeks. Bruised sole I think. Sunday should be interesting.
He got a new haircut - I kind of like him all Mad Max - it suits him. He got a little feather extension today to.
Rocking the Mohawk with some Feathers

I got Dutch out to ride today too. Well - guess who is going on a diet with me? Lord - he is immense. He probably did the last bit of growing, but mostly its fat. I felt like a Munchkin on top of him. I managed about 10 laps before my calf started to speak to me. Lucky him.
Does this saddle make my ass look big?

Um, I'm pretty sure these stirrups are not flattering

Kick kick kick

I swear I'm using my legs, and yes I'm wearing sweats - so!

And last, but not least - I FINALLY got MCH to go for a walk with me after dinner. Had a nice little stroll around the park tonight.

What a great way to start off the New Year!
Oh and before I forget and it loses context, take a look at my neighbors Christmas decorations:

Just a little creepy

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  1. OMG I can totally see it all, wish I had been there! That "demolition man" sure knows his stuff. Meth and construction . . . not something I would have come up with (I'm just not that funny) but LOL!!